Your Business Is An Illusion

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Your business is an illusion..

A Blivet is an impossible object, an illusion. Your business is also an impossible object, an illusion!

Go with me on this….grab someone close to you right now and ask him or her whicn way the man Is facing..

Some will say, ‘forwards..Some will say, ‘to the right’. And some will say, ‘This is messing with my brain.

There is no right and no wrong – it’s an impossible object after all. It’s all a matter of perception. It depends on your point of view.

Most business owners are blinded by a point of view that works against them. They suffer from thinking – a mental illusion about how their business should operate and it’s making them work crazy long hours for little return.

I’ll give you a couple of examples to show you what I mean..

Perception: ‘I don’t have all of the facts to be able to put this product on the market.’

Option One Response: ‘Lets put the product on hold until we have all of the facts.’

Consequences: The service/product gets put on hold and sometimes never sees the light of day, your business stagnates in limbo, and the people involved in the project also stagnate. You work harder and longer hours trying to come up with the ideal solution.

Now for the opposite approach in thinking:

Option Two Response: ‘I have enough information to release it to the marketplace. We’ll tweak things along the way based on how the marketplace reacts.’

Consequences: The release of your service or product produces excitement amongst your employees and it’s customers. There’s unforeseen ‘magic’ in getting a project started. Things happen that you would never have expected.

This way you get to solve a problem for the customer. Your willingness to monitor how the service/product is perceived allows you the opportunity to further innovate a better service/product along the way. It will inspire other products and services as a result.

Dramatically different thinking produces dramatically different results.

How you look at your business is an illusion. How your customers/clients view your business is also an illusion.
Knowing this: there is no failure, only progress.

Here’s the Grow Business Grow option…it’s one of the most powerful ways for you to progress in both your business and personal life by adopting the following constructive Blivet thinking strategies:

1/ Become A 20% Action Person. That’s right, 20%.

The idea of aiming for 100% is destructive Blivet thinking. It was most likely injected into us in our early school years. We were in awe and jealous of those who could get 100% correct in an exam. Business is not about 100%.

The idea that 100% is the benchmark is very destructive for business owners. It’s where the idea of perfectionism comes from and, along with it, inferiority complexes of not being good enough.

Don’t buy into it. It’s all an illusion. And this is how to make it work for you, not against you: Whenever you start or get stuck on a project become a 20% Action – 80% Results Person.

Ask yourself this one key question:
‘What’s the 20% Action I can take right now that will give me an 80% Result in my first step?’

The reason we have our clients ask this disarmingly powerful question is that we know 20% of your actions will give you 80% of the result you’re looking for.

2/ Limit the time it takes for you to take that first 20% Action step.
How long you take to do something is determined by how long you give yourself to do it.

The less time you have to decide, the faster you’ll take action, and when you’re focused on just taking the first 20% action step, it should almost be an instant action.

Imagine how much more you would achieve in your business if you adopted this strategy?

3/ Become An 80% Results Person:
100% Results thinking puts way too much pressure on your ability to think clearly. 100% Results thinking carries with it an undercurrent of the fear, ‘What if it’s not 100% right?’ This fear stops us from progressing and from being happily creative. It’s a game stopper.

The biggest reason to become an 80% Results person is that your 80% Results may be perceived as a 100% result by others!
So what are you stressing about?

Here’s a practical way of understanding all of this:

Take a look at the clothes in your wardrobe. When you got dressed today, you had many options. Lets say the ‘project’ was to choose clothes that will make you look and feel good for a meeting today. You have many ways of dressing for this occasion, just as you have many ways of tackling any given business problem.

So what’s the solution for doing this project fast and with an 80% Result? (Keep in mind that you probably wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time.)

Take the first 20% Action: take out the items you know you look good in and are comfortable wearing (this eliminates 80% of the other options) This 20% Action will give you 80% of the Result you are looking for.

Now, move on to the next 20% Action in the next part of your project – putting on the right shoes!

If I only gave you 2 minutes to complete this project, would it have been almost as good as if you were given 2 hours instead?

Most likely, yes, and you would have freed yourself up by 1 hour and 58 minutes to be able to progress other, more valuable, projects.
Become a 20% Action – 80% Result person for one week and see what happens to your businesses progress and your free time. You won’t know yourself.

Apply it in your personal life. Try it out on your important relationships.

Our way of doing things is unique and it’s why it produces unique results for our clients…

We would love the opportunity to help you clear your head on what is the right way for you to accelerate your business… 

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One of the most valuable activities you can do as a business owner and sales professional is to build relationships with people. High quality relationships are not built around a desk.

Try this: Identify the biggest 20% of the relationships you have in your business and go out there and talk to them. Get rid of your desk for 14 days and do just that.

Connect up with your top clients/prospects/centres of influence and see what comes of it. I assure you, you’ll get rid of your desk in an instant on the 15th day.

My accountant did just that, except he didn’t wait until the 15th day. He did it on the first day he heard about this lesson.

It’s what I truly admire about him. Many people over-analyseo an idea, and they do that as a habit over many things in their business. As a consequence they delay progress. They become their own worst enemies in moving their business forward.

Here’s what my accountant did:

Despite having a schedule full of client appointments the next day, it didn’t stop him from removing his desk, removing all shelving, removing all cabinets and removing all traces of paperwork. All he had left in the room was his trusty whiteboard on the wall and four chairs.

No desk.



Our way of doing things may or may not be right for you…

Either way, it’s always good to get a second opinion on your business situation.

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Wayne Hutcheson

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