Why Business Owners Should Never Mow Their Own Lawns

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I cringe every time I see business owners doing their own lawns.

It’s false savings and it kills business growth…

See if this makes sense to you:

There’s a business owner in my neighbourhood called Vic.

I’ve become good friends with Vic and I can tell you that his business is growing pretty well…it’s a professional services business.

He employs a great team of technicians.

He prides himself on the growth he’s been able to achieve and has great respect from his clients.

He is the first to work and is typically the last to leave.

Today is Tuesday and it’s autumn in my part of the world.

It gets dark pretty quick this time of the year.

On the way home I happened to drive past Vic’s place and there he was…

Mowing the lawns…pacing up and down the nature strip, trying his best to beat the setting sun.

He was panting and sweating just like my Labrador, Buddy, use to.

I rolled up to the curb to say a quick hello.

He quietened his mower to respond to me.

After a bit of chit-chat and with a puzzled look on my face I asked him:

“Why are you doing your own lawns?”

Vic responded with what most business owners would say:

“Ahhh…it needed doing so I thought I’d just get it done myself”

Did you read between the lines there?

People rarely mean what they say.

People speak in, what I call, ‘justification code’.

To save face, Vic used justification code speak.

He knows deep down that doing the lawns is not his favourite way to spend his afternoon after a hard days work.

He actually loathes it…he’s been doing it for years.

But he justifies it.


Two words: Family conditioning.

Vic was brought up in an environment that valued helping around the house.

Men typically did things like the lawns and women typically did things like the cleaning.

He feels it’s the right thing to do around the house.

He sees it as a way to chalk up some brownie points for being a good husband, a good role model for his kids.

Now, because Vic is not a professional gardener, his equipment is not of professional quality and it takes him a good three hours to edge, mow and clean up his lawn to his liking.

But the worst part is that his back aches afterwards, his arms and legs are extra tired and he just collapses in a heap not wanting to interact with anyone.

What did Vic really save by doing the lawns himself?

A professional would have done a better job in one hour flat, at a cost of, say $50.

That’s roughly $870/year if it’s mowed every three weeks.

This would mean Vic would free himself up by an extra 52hours in a year.

There would be no more wear and tear on Vic’s body, mind and mowing equipment.

Vic would be providing jobs for his local community.

He would be freeing himself up to be ‘alive and present’ for his wife and kids.

He would have the ‘head space’ to think of better ways of growing his business…to work ON the business…or just plain relax and enjoy the kids.

Smart business owners pay for things they don’t like to do.


It increases their confidence and energy and it keeps them fresher and sharper in thier thinking.

You must know that the first thing to go off when you are over tired is your decision-making ability.

Poor decisions cost your business dearly…much more than the $50 saved in mowing your own lawns.

Your business cannot afford you to be over tired.

Now, let’s see what it REALLY costs Vic to do the lawns himself…

Lets do the numbers:

Vic’s business does $900,000 per year.

He works 55 hours per week, 46 weeks of the year.

As the owner of the business he generates $356 of business income every hour that he is there.

Question is:

Is Vic better off saving $50 and doing the lawns himself or is he better off paying someone else to do it so he could make another $356 in income?

The answer is obvious now isn’t it?

It’s actually costing Vic $306 to do the lawns himself PLUS he is wearing out his mind and body in the process.

It’s not just lawns I’m talking about here.

Cleaning the house, doing the ironing, washing the car…they are your ‘lawn mowing’ equivalents.

They are costing you and your business immensely in lost focus, energy and opportunities.

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About the Author:

George Bakrnchev is a business developer, psychology double major and the Founder of The Grow Business Grow Boardroom Program - a unique program dedicated to helping business owners break free from working long hours for very little return. He says that if working hard was the key to success, then those who work the hardest would have the most - look around you: they don't!
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