What You Measure You Can Manage

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What You Can Measure You Can Manage

Measuring and monitoring your results gives you greater control over your marketing and the techniques you are using. It usually also means better use of your marketing budget.

So I want to talk to you about some easy ways to properly measure and monitor your results.

Measure, Monitor, and Test..

3 little words with so much power.

You can have a great product or service, you can have the very best advertising method in the world, and your support and service may be supreme. But you will never reach your optimum performance unless you master the art of measuring, monitoring, and testing.

Without the ability to measure what is happening to your ads and offers, you cannot monitor what is occurring. And without testing, you may either let the best idea you ever had slip away, or you may spend a fortune on an ad you should have known was not going to work long before you started.

So for any system to be complete, you need to build in these 3 elements—measure, monitor, and test.

Let’s begin with measurement. All your advertising and acquisition mechanisms must have a built-in measurement device, for example, a code unique to the ad, headline, offer, or guarantee. The reason for making it a unique item is that you then have a device to allow you not only to measure based on the number of responses, but also to specifically focus in on which ad, or run, or medium worked best.

Here’s an example.  Can you spot the measurement opportunities?

How did you do? Let’s discuss the possibilities.

  • You could measure the number of people who are requesting the 10% discount. To make the voucher even better, use a “Sunset Clause.” That is, set a clear expiration date to get people to call now rather than later.
  • You could implement a manual system to ask people (whether they phone or drop by) where they heard of you. It should be used all the time, but good triggers would be those people who ask about the ‘Free Quote’ or 10% discount.
  • You could measure the number of people who take you up on the offer of a ‘Free Colour Consultation.’
  • You could measure the number of incoming coupons that have the code in the top left-hand corner.

Two other areas are very important to think about.

  • You should only focus on one measurement tool for each venture. If you have an ad like the previous one, you need to decide which measurement tool will be most effective and most easily monitored. Then institute a system to make sure it’s measure effectively and accurately every time.

Our way of doing things is unique and it’s why it produces unique results for our clients…

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One of the most valuable activities you can do as a business owner and sales professional is to build relationships with people. High quality relationships are not built around a desk.

Try this: Identify the biggest 20% of the relationships you have in your business and go out there and talk to them. Get rid of your desk for 14 days and do just that.

Connect up with your top clients/prospects/centres of influence and see what comes of it. I assure you, you’ll get rid of your desk in an instant on the 15th day.

My accountant did just that, except he didn’t wait until the 15th day. He did it on the first day he heard about this lesson.

It’s what I truly admire about him. Many people over-analyseo an idea, and they do that as a habit over many things in their business. As a consequence they delay progress. They become their own worst enemies in moving their business forward.

Here’s what my accountant did:

Despite having a schedule full of client appointments the next day, it didn’t stop him from removing his desk, removing all shelving, removing all cabinets and removing all traces of paperwork. All he had left in the room was his trusty whiteboard on the wall and four chairs.

No desk.



Our way of doing things may or may not be right for you…

Either way, it’s always good to get a second opinion on your business situation.

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Wayne Hutcheson

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Wayne Hutcheson is a Coach of the highly regarded Grow Business Grow Boardroom Program. He works closely with a hand full of clients to help them achieve growth in their business and to enjoy 'guilt-free' time away from their business without it affecting their profitability.
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