Sanity Vs Vanity…Your 2019 Numbers..

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I’m not much of a numbers guy…I don’t get into complicated spreadsheets and the like….in fact I like Simple…

Simple is better because “Harder Is Just Hard”

I have a Special Offer to give you a great start to 2019….you’ll need to read on and you’ll need to be quick !

I took accounting at high school and once sellotaped 20 cents to the bottom of a Balance Sheet exam because I’d run out of enthusiasm to find it and make it balance…so as I say…I like it simple..

There is however a need for business owners to have an understanding of their businesses numbers…the Key Numbers.

If your a fan of the Pareto Principle (he’s the guy that invented the 80/20 rule…seriously you should google it!) like I am then numbers become a lot easier…

You don’t have to track everything…in fact only four things…more about that in a minute..

Most business owners track one number..Income…Guys…its just Vanity!

Who cares if you turnover 1 Million Dollars if it costs you 1.2 Million to do it!!

When I work with clients we get beyond the Vanity number quickly and figure our what equals Sanity for their business…and this is based on their Vision for their business.

So…what are the numbers you should be looking at?

Sanity in my terms equals profitability in a business…so you need to know how to make a profit in your business.

Again…in simple terms…profit is the money you make once you’ve paid all your Fixed and Variable Expenses…After Break Even!

I speak with business owners all the time and it amazes me how many of them don’t know their Breakeven number…and unfortunately most accountants don’t show their clients how to calculate Break Even…


Beyond Break Even is the relationship of the four growth stratagies for your business….Let’s recap those…

  1. Getting New Customers.
  2. Getting Customers To Come Back Again
  3. Increasing The Average Dollar Sale..
  4. Increasing Your Profit Margins.

You’ll note that all of these activities are Strategic….and not technical!

Great businesses are NOT built by great Technicians…they are built by Great Strategists.

So what’s your next move?…and you may want to jump up a line and read my last statement again…

If your in Technician mode…you’ll be pouring over your numbers and creating spread sheets with numbers everywhere…

Or….if your a Strategist you’ll be emailing me at for help on this and we can strategise it together….and that’s my New Years Offer for the first 8 business owners who contact me.

Make your 2019 the best business year ever…

Our way of doing things is unique and it’s why it produces unique results for our clients…

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Wayne Hutcheson

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