More Time Away From Your Business…

before-work-sunshine-coastWe’re really glad you clicked the ‘More Time’ tab…

We’re going to get along really well together.

Most family owned businesses we speak to, whether it be one-on-one or at large conferences, believe that in order to grow their business they need to click the More Growth tab…

Falsely believing that by having more growth, they will be afforded more time as a result.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Time is your #1 resource and advantage. Once it’s all used up nothing else will matter.

** “Work never stops…people do!” **

We hope that means something really big for you.

To us it means everything. There’s no point in doing anything unless it is going to add value to our lives and those around us. Working harder doesn’t cut it. Working longer hours doesn’t either.

So let’s get you having more time right now.

If you really want more time, you’ll have to do less.

We hope that didn’t sound too simple but the best solutions are usually the simple ones. We didn’t say it was ‘simplistic’, its not, there’s a process we have to take you through to make it simple for you.

You might be thinking ‘so what do I need to do less of?’ Especially when everything you do seems to have an impact on the business. You might feel like the business NEEDS you there all of the time.

If that’s what you believe then you’ve been brainwashed by ‘the old work’ system.

In our ‘new work system’ your business works, so you can chose whether you want to or not. And that type of business is worth a small fortune.

The reality is that we can’t ‘give you more time’ but we can free you up from activities that are low value, low impact activities.

Most of our clients identify about 30 hours of activities that they could get rid of within the next 90 days. Imagine freeing yourself up by 30 hours a week!

30 Hours a Week!

You can see how to do exactly that in our book…see page 37 in Lesson # 4 – There are only 3 types of activities in your day, specifically or click here to claim your free copy.

More Time comes from doing less ‘stuff’ that makes little or no difference to your results. As a business owner you only get paid for your results not for your time. This is true even if you’re currently charging an hourly rate.

In our 90 Day Results Program we get our clients to understand the value of taking a ‘Green Day’…that’s a day where you do NO WORK, no emails, no business talk, no business reading, no researching, nothing to do with business!

It’s the hardest day of the week to take because most business owners are addicted to work or at least to the idea that they need to ‘keep the finger on the pulse’.

Rubbish! Good excuses but it doesn’t cut it.

Your best ideas and relationships will be built when you are on a Green Day.

The brain works best when not under distress.

You MUST take Green Days… 170 of them at least every year.

You get time off to enjoy the ‘other projects’ in your life… you remember: your kids, spouse, family, friends, community, sports, hobbies…they’re all projects that need you. And while you’re doing these other activities your brain is finding solutions and creative alternatives to your business challenges.

Green Days build your business. It’s ironic, we know, but it’s a total win-win.

How Do You Break Through The ‘Time Ceiling’?

First step’s first.

We’d like us to have a chat about your current business situation.

It’s no secret that highly successful business owners seek external advice and points of view. It helps them break out of their own ‘experience bubble’ and give them fresh angles to work on.

We strongly encourage you to allow yourself the opportunity to get clarity, direction and focus with an ‘outsider’.

With a fresh point of view you’ll no longer be like most business owners who stay lost, confused and in a constant state of overwhelm. To have your complimentary mentoring session with us, simply claim option 2 below.

If you want an easy-easy approach because it takes a while for you to warm up to someone new, then we want you to have a copy of our book which started the new results system revolution.

We bet that by the time you read up to page 24 of the book you’ll either be brimming with energy and enthusiasm about your businesses future or you’ll never read an extra page after that. To get the book that started the new work revolution, go ahead now and claim option 1 below.

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The End Result Of What We Do With Business Owners Is This:

Once you start applying the new results system to your business (and that is the key here, just start, the rest will unfold as it should for you) you will find yourself in a totally new reality.

That new reality will enable you to do one of 3 things with your business:

  1. Sell Your Business:
    You’ll be able to sell your business at a far greater price because of the immense value the new work system creates for the incoming business owner (which they will happily pay for)
  2. Duplicate Your Business:
    You’ll be able to duplicate your new business model using the new work system you’ve applied by either opening up more company sites, licensing or franchising your unique operating systems,
  3. Keep The Business:
    With your new work system in play, giving you all of the 4 entrepreneurial freedoms of time, money, people and place you may decide to never sell it. As long as you stick to the new work system you might never feel the need to sell.

You’ll be investing your time, money and energy only on work that you are unique at which in turns multiplies your company’s value on all levels.

An entrepreneurially free business is an entrepreneurially rich business.

  • Rich in Time – you’re working when you want
  • Rich in Money – you’re earning what you want
  • Rich in People – you’re working with who you want
  • Rich in Place – you’re working from where you want

After working with us you’ll be essentially and very happily, entrepreneurially FREE.

BUT, if you don’t make amends and master the 4 entrepreneurial freedoms then unfortunately you will be a lifelong slave to them.

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