More Control Over Your Business…

traffic-jam-sunshine-coastIt’s normal for family owned businesses to want to have total control over their business.

But remember this about yourself and about the people you employ:

A persons greatest strength is also their greatest weakness!

What does that mean?

Well, take for example the benefit of creating systems for a business to have more control over the way it serves the customer.

Now, if you’re great at systemising processes in your business, your customers and employees will love you for it. It gives them perceived control over their environment. Just think McDonalds, the kings of systemisation.

It’s a great business strength. BUT, if you carry this strength into your personal relationship it can quickly become a weakness.

You’ll see so many things that could be systemised with your family, in your home, your car, your garage, your wardrobe because you know the benefits of systems.

But your strength is not always welcomed in personal relationships. Who wants everything they do to become a system? You might, but your spouse or friends probably won’t.

You’ll mostly likely become a pain in the butt to everyone around you. Your greatest strength has now become your greatest weakness.

Seeking more control in your business is like that.

The more control we need over the business the more we need to let go of the business.

Contradiction? Not really…follow this…

Here’s what we have learned about control: ‘People are not controllable’.

In the new work system we show our clients that you CANNOT manage people and to STOP paying people to stress you out.

The solution is to create systems for people to manage.

Read that last sentence again.

Systems FREE People and in particular they free you from the ‘stuff’.

If your people are not managing your systems as you like it, then maybe you’ve employed the wrong type of person to manage the system.

If you absolutely know they are the right type, then take a look at the system itself, maybe that needs changing.

We have many clients in our 90 Day Results Program whose businesses are totally managed by others. They have learned how to let go of everything in their business by creating systems for people to manage.

Should you or can you let go of everything when growing your business?

In short – NO.

You cannot and must not let go of one thing. We call that ‘one thing’, in our new work system, your Zone 3 activity.

This activity is unique to you and you alone. And we need to make this one activity 80% of your workweek.

Once we do that your passion, energy and profits in the business will soar like never before.

How Do You Break Through The ‘Control Ceiling’?

First step’s first.

We’d like you to have a chat with us about your current situation.

It’s no secret that highly successful business owners seek external advice and points of view. It helps them break out of their own ‘experience bubble’ and give them fresh angles to work on.

We strongly encourage you to allow yourself the opportunity to get clarity, direction and focus with an ‘outsider’.

With a fresh point of view you’ll no longer be like most business owners who stay lost, confused and in a constant state of overwhelm. To have your complimentary mentoring session with me, simply claim option 2 below.

If you want an easy-easy approach because it takes a while for you to warm up to someone new, then we want you to have a copy of the book that started the new results system revolution.

We bet that by the time you read up to page 24 of the book you’ll either be brimming with energy and enthusiasm about your businesses future or you’ll never read an extra page after that. To get the book that started the new work revolution, go ahead now and claim option 1 below.

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The End Result Of What We Do With Business Owners Is This:

Once you start applying the new results system to your business (and that is the key here, just start, the rest will unfold as it should for you) you will find yourself in a totally new reality.

That new reality will enable you to do one of 3 things with your business:

  1. Sell Your Business:
    You’ll be able to sell your business at a far greater price because of the immense value the new work system creates for the incoming business owner (which they will happily pay for)
  2. Duplicate Your Business:
    You’ll be able to duplicate your new business model using the new work system you’ve applied by either opening up more company sites, licencing or franchising your unique operating systems,
  3. Keep The Business:
    With your new work system in play, giving you all of the 4 entrepreneurial freedoms of time, money, people and place you may decide to never sell it. As long as you stick to the new work system you might never feel the need to sell.

You’ll be investing your time, money and energy only on work that you are unique at which in turns multiplies your company’s value on all levels.

An entrepreneurially free business is an entrepreneurially rich business.

  • Rich in Time – you’re working when you want
  • Rich in Money – you’re earning what you want
  • Rich in People – you’re working with who you want
  • Rich in Place – you’re working from where you want

After working with me you’ll be essentially and very happily, entrepreneurially FREE.

BUT, if you don’t make amends and master the 4 entrepreneurial freedoms then unfortunately you will be a lifelong slave to them.

Choose from one of the options above to experience more control in your business!