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Because we fear failure, we tend to do activities that we know we can do.’

If you asked a nine year old what was more valuable, 10-cents or $100,000? They would answer, ‘$100,000 of course!’

And we should all be very happy with that answer.


Well, if a nine year old knows the difference between 10-cents and $100,000 then why on earth do adult business owners get distracted with 10-cent activities?

Before I answer with a WHY, let’s look at WHAT 10-cent activities are.

A classic 10-cent activity is when you sit down to strategise how to get your customers to come back more often, and in the process you decide to quickly check that social media message that came in.

It’s when you count the stock on the shelves instead of strategizing how to move it off the shelf quicker.

It’s when you decide to wipe down your laptop or sort out your cupboard instead of investing that time on $100,000 activities.

I tell my clients that they are only one activity away from a $100,000 result, so why bother doing 10-cent activities?

So here’s my take on WHY we prefer to get distracted with 10-cent ones: At an early age we get rewarded for being busy.

Teachers hate idle students, so we quickly learn to be occupied with work. Head down, tail up was the way to show your teacher that you were at least trying hard, and if you try hard you will get ahead. (I’m not sure what ‘getting ahead’ really meant as no one bothered to define that for us as kids, but that’s another story).

In school we got rewarded for the right answers and were scolded for the wrong ones. Right answers = Smiles, smugness, proudness and feelings of superiority. Wrong answers = Anger, frustration, disbelief, jealousy and feelings of inferiority.

Because we fear failure, we tend to do activities that we know we can do. That’s where 10-cent activities come into the picture.
We know how to do 10-cent activities. We don’t really know how to do $100,000 activities.

The key strategy here is to do what you most fear.

Unlike when you were a pupil in school, as a business owner, you make up the rules and the punishment.

For me there is no punishment. If I make an error, the error is a learning message, it is a guiding error towards my next $100,000.
10-cent activities lead to 10-cent outcomes. $100,000 activities lead to $100,000 outcomes. It’s your choice.

Once you know how to do $100,000 activities, you learn how to do $1 million activities. Once you know how to do $1 million activities, you learn how to do $10 million activities and so on.

From now on, every time you catch yourself doing a 10-cent activity
ask yourself, ‘What am I fearing that distracts me with 10-cent activities?’ That will be your answer to what needs to be done to get to your next $100,000 level in your business.

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Wayne Hutcheson is a Coach of the highly regarded Grow Business Grow Boardroom Program. He works closely with a hand full of clients to help them achieve growth in their business and to enjoy 'guilt-free' time away from their business without it affecting their profitability.
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