Do You Have A Morning Routine?

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Do You Have A Morning Routine?

I’m lucky to live in a beautiful place called the Sunshine Coast…In Queensland, Australia..

I have developed a morning routine over the past few years that really works for me…and ensures my day starts well.

Much has been written and said about morning routines..

I think the bottom line is that if you don’t have one and you feel like the day just erupts and is out of control from the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep again…Then Test It Out!

I find that having a routine helps me clear my head and get ready for the day and also helps me because I’ve achieved things before most people have even gotten out of bed…

I feel like I’m ahead of the game..

So…here’s my routine…

  • My Alarm goes off at 4.15am (I’m usually awake before this though)
  • I get out of bed have a big glass of water and wash my face and brush my teeth.
  • I throw on my exercise gear and I’m in the car on my way to the beach at 4.30am.
  • I walk and do some resistance exercises for 90 minutes which takes me to 6.15am
  • I have a 10 minute swim in the ocean and then a beach shower and grab a coffee.
  • I wouldn’t say that I meditate but I always sit quietly by myself and think about the important things going on for me…usually for 30 minutes.
  • I’m back home just after 7am and then it’s breakfast, shower and make my bed…a very important thing to get done…and I’m ready to start my day.

This consistent start doesn’t’ always guarantee a great day ahead….but it does guarantee a great start…

I’d love to hear what works for you… 

Our way of doing things is unique and it’s why it produces unique results for our clients…

We would love the opportunity to help you clear your head on what is the right way for you to accelerate your business… 

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Wayne Hutcheson

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Wayne Hutcheson is a Coach of the highly regarded Grow Business Grow Boardroom Program. He works closely with a hand full of clients to help them achieve growth in their business and to enjoy 'guilt-free' time away from their business without it affecting their profitability.
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