Did You Know That There Are Only 2 Types Of Business Owners During The Easter Holidays?

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Which Type Would Your Spouse Say You Are?

Article written by George Bakrnchev, best selling author of ‘The 8th Day of The Week’ and founder of the Grow Business Grow Boardroom Program

Easter usually means a 4-day holiday…

4 days to do whatever you want with whomever you want, when you want…

Which means a lot of people will be enjoying some real quality down time this Easter…

But it won’t be like that for most business owners!

I’ve noticed that there are 2 kinds of business owners that emerge during this holiday period:

Which Type Would Your Spouse Say You Are?

Type A – Business Owner
They have it all sorted. They lock up their business or they give the keys to their highly capable managers to keep the business humming along in their absence.

Good money is earned and customers are all happy while they go away and take 4 quality uninterrupted days off without ANY need to check in with the business.

They immerse themselves in what we call ‘Green Day Activities’ – fishing, camping, golfing, shopping, trekking, beaching, sleeping in, reading, lounging – literally any activity that has nothing to do with business.

They get to enjoy life’s little and big pleasures with their loved ones because they have taken the time to create a business that gives them more life!

Type B – Business Owner
They see the 4 day break as a time to seriously get things done. It’s a break away from employees, customers and day-to-day demands.

This quiet time allows them to catch up on ‘stuff’. They sort through their ‘to do list’, all of the urgent ‘stuff’ and as a consequence their mind is fully charged with business.

They don’t go away anywhere. They might catch up with some family and friends, but they aren’t really ‘present’ or enjoying their time off because of the business stuff swimming through their heads.

They promise themselves and their loved ones that next Easter will be different. But then again, they promised that last Easter too.

Would your spouse/kids/friends say you are more like a Type A or a Type B business owner?

More importantly, which type of business owner would you like you to be?

If you’re Type B, let me share 5 rules with you, something that you could apply for this Easters break (your spouse/kids/friends will love you for it):

Rule 1/ Tell your spouse you WON’T be working all 4 days (watch them smile)

Rule 2/ On your non-working days (Green Days) DON’T talk or do ANY business

Rule 3/ A Green Day is 24hrs long – midnight to midnight no business

Rule 4/ Remind yourself that ‘Work Never Stops, People Do’

Rule 5/ Have something lined up after work that excites you and will make you be there on time.

Sharing is caring…please share this post if you think it will make a difference to someone this Easter.

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George Bakrnchev is a business developer, psychology double major and the Founder of The Grow Business Grow Boardroom Program - a unique program dedicated to helping business owners break free from working long hours for very little return. He says that if working hard was the key to success, then those who work the hardest would have the most - look around you: they don't!
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