Business Goals..Do I Really Need Them?

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The Answer to this question is a simple one…Yes You DO!

You may be thinking you’ve tried and not succeeded at writing and achieving business goals..

So let me fix that of you right now..

There have been many things written about Goal Setting…In fact a Google search of Goal Setting returns 148 Million responses!

So…with access to that amount of information surely it can’t be too hard…can it?

Not all of those responses will be positive towards Goad Setting but I believe the majority of them will be (I haven’t read them all)

There can be no dispute of this though…those who write goals achieve more in a year than those who don’t write goals.

In the Grow Business Grow Boardroom Programme we write goals every 90 Days…this process helps keep on track over the year so we don’t lose focus and get distracted or abandon our 12 month goals early in the year.

Some goals will take longer to complete than 90 Days so they need to be broken down into stages with clear timelines attached.

So…How do you write a Business…or a Personal Goal…as Personal Goals are as important as Business Goals..

I like to start with a Fresh & Clean piece of paper…and find a comfortable place.

Sometimes writing the list of what you’d like can be difficult…if that’s you then try this…Write the list of what you DON’T WANT…and then reverse that list…and that becomes the list of what you want.

Be careful not to confuse your Ambition And Your Ability…(see chapter 14 of the 8th Day Of The Week Book…you can download a FREE COPY from our website)

This is often where Business Owners get it wrong…trying to get more done than is possible right now…so when it’s not ‘happening’ they get dismayed and then distracted…and then go and chase a new shinny object to help them get what they want.

The Key Thing About Goals is Commitment!

In fact even before you write a Goal I’d suggest that on your Fresh Sheet of Paper you simply write down what it is that your going to commit too..

This may seem a strange thing to say in a Blog about writing Business Goals…But All Planning Is Fantasy…Implementation Is The Key!

So write down what you intend on committing too and therefore what you are able to implement as a result of those commitments…

Here’s the Best Structure for a Business or Personal Goal..

Make them S.M.A.R.T Goals..

S.   Specific

M.   Measurable

A.   Attainable

R.   Realistic

T.    Timely

If your Goals have these Five Elements to them you’ll be well on your way to achieving them..

One final point on Goal Setting…

One of the best things about setting goals and committing to the process of achieving them is what you find out along the way. For many of our clients the initial goal lead them to different, but far better and bigger things that they weren’t aware of at the start of the process…

So go on…Get a fresh piece of paper…find a comfortable place and start writing…You’ll be so glad you did.

Our way of doing things is unique and it’s why it produces unique results for our clients…

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Wayne Hutcheson

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