The 90 Day Results Program

doing-business-sunshine-coastWhere is The 90 Day Results Program Held?

All of our LIVE Boardroom Sessions  are held on the picturesque Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

If you’re serious about growing your family owned business and creating a bigger life then you’ll need to ‘get away’ from your day to day environment in order to ‘see’ your business in a new way.

Einstein famously said you cannot solve the problems you are faced with in the same environment that caused them’.

How is The 90 Day Results Program structured?

First we have two days together to understand and set up your business with our foundational tools, systems and methodologies.

Sounds fancy, but it just means you will have in your hands real systems and tools to get the most out of growing your business with me every 90 days…just like it did for Paul and Janene Robins of Static Electrics

Once the initial two foundational days are over you’ll be given four dates, each spaced 90 Days apart for you to attend your next series of LIVE Boardroom Sessions.

What happens at each 90 Day Boardroom Session?

Lots, but most importantly, you’ll be getting everything that you need to grow your business and your free time…

We start our meet and greet at 8.47am with our tea and coffee service…we then go into our boardroom at 9am and we will complete 4x 90 minute sessions throughout the day with breaks for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. By 5.30pm you will be totally prepared and set for the next 90 Days.

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea is all catered for. Special dietary needs are catered for where possible by our in-house chefs.

Everything we do with you in our Boardroom Sessions are aimed at delivering solutions based around 3 Key areas of growing your businesses value:  More Growth, More Control & More Time.



More Growth, More Control & More Time.

At each Boardroom Session you get to share your progress, your challenges and your victories.

Apart from having us as your ‘external partner’, a huge bonus is that you will also have multiple boardroom members in your group looking for ways to help you succeed and brainstorm solutions.

It’s in this exact setting that one of our clients, Mark and Belinda Hobbs of Beefy’s Pies, brainstormed an idea and ended up developing Australia’s #1 Gourmet Gluten Free Pie!

On top of this, we are constantly delivering new strategies that will further propel your success in the next 90 Days.

At the end of each Boardroom Day you will walk away with what needs to be done for the next 90 days and you will be held accountable to achieving it.

Owning and growing a business can be a lonely affair, not anymore.

It’s important for you to know that growing your business is not about information bombardment. More information won’t make you successful!

Having the right information and then applying it is the key.

The 90 Day Results Program is High on Implementation with the information that you need to keep you growing without burning out…just like it did for Pat and Debbie Hannan of Ocean Orthodontics (one of Australia’s most respected orthodontic practices!)

Is There Support Between Your Boardroom Sessions?

In short, Yes!

Some business owners think that they need day-to-day support in order to succeed.

Not true.

At the end of each Boardroom Session, every business owner will commit to what we call ‘The Ultimate Goal’ for the next 90 Days.

This ‘Ultimate Goal’ is what catapults you into a completely new area of growth in your business as it does for all of our clients.

You will be kept accountable to seeing it come alive and become a real result.

No ‘Happy Talking’ in our groups…we value implementation, not big talk that goes nowhere.

If you end up needing any advice or support in achieving your ‘Ultimate Goal’ between our Boardroom Days, then you will have a number of options available to you.

This includes one-on-one time with us…AND there is no extra fee for this!

You will also be sending in your ‘Weekly Game Plan’ so that you can be kept on-track with your growth activities.

No-one falls behind under our watch…our success is tied to your success.

We see you as one of our future success stories so we have a pretty sound reason to see you succeed.

How much is it to join The 90 Day Results Program?
Very little actually when you compare it to the growth and time freedom you are missing out on right now.

‘Technicians’ always look at the ‘cost’ of doing it, business developers (Strategists) look at the ‘cost of not doing it’…

…it’s an interesting perspective difference and as we’ve always said and seen in our last 20+ years of business mentoring: Great Technicians DON’T build great businesses…Great Strategists DO.

Just ask any of our clients who were initially great technicians but have now transformed into becoming great strategists…understandably, they too were ‘calculating the cost’ before working with us.

So here it is…

For the first 3 months in the program you will need to make an initial investment of $2497 per person.

After your first 3 months with us, we will be to see what sort of progress you’ve made and if it can justify you continuing for another 3 months.

If the answer is YES, then you will be invited to continue and stay in the program for another 90 days and the program fee will drop to $750 per month, payable monthly (= $173 per week, incl. GST).

If it’s a NO, then your participation in the program will stop and there will be no more ongoing fees.

Emotionally, you will need to ‘sack the technician’ within you and allow the ‘strategist’ to do this…otherwise you’ve got to ask yourself: ‘what’s the alternative?’

Simply put, if you don’t make The SHIFT, nothing changes.

Keep in mind that these amounts include GST (which you can claim back) and are 100% fully tax deductible (you get a tax break in exchange for developing your business with us).

One Thing: Do strongly consider enrolling your ‘significant other’ with you in the Boardroom.

If you have someone around you who has your best interest at heart and truly wants to help and see you succeed then consider enrolling them too.

You’ll both be on ‘the same page’, you’ll both be working and speaking the same language. You’ll also be in a better position to multiply your results.

See them as your ‘Internal Partner’ and us as your ‘External Partner’.

How long is the 90 Day Results Program?
There are three stages of implementation and growth. Each stage takes one year to complete.

100% Compatibility Guarantee
We guarantee that by the end of your initial 2 days in The 90 Day Results Program if either of us decides that this is not the right program for you then a full unconditional refund will be issued.

Take the next step, choose either option 1 or 2 to start implementing something, life is too short for regrets:


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