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Listen in to the strategies that doubled the Beefy’s Pies business from 5 to 10 stores and managed to decrease the owners working hours by 63%…

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Coach Wayne of Grow Business Grow at the construction site of Beefy’s 10th Store

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– How to grow fast
– How to handle your time
– How to handle people
– You will also see first hand the exact thinking and strategies that were essential to turning Beefy’s Pies into a Queensland Icon (from a small bakery to 10 company owned stores, multiple national award winners, 180+ employees and growing)

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What Mark Has To Say About Working With Grow Business Grow…

“Grow Business Grow understood my frustrations of trying to grow my business. I fessed up that I wasn’t devoting enough time to my family, that my health was far from ideal and how the financial cost of trying to make it all work would keep me up at night stressing”

Mark Hobbs, Founder of Iconic Beefy’s Pies.

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We’ll teach you what you need to do every day in order to free yourself up to take on bigger opportunities!

As a Member of the 90 Day Results Boardroom Program Mark was able to:

  • Stop being ‘The Technician’ within the business
  • Focus on High Impact Activities
  • Add 50% more stores
  • Decrease his personal working hours by 63%
  • Take uninterrupted holiday time

Wayne Hutcheson Wayne is a Strategic Partner and Coach of the highly regarded Australian 90-Day Results Program.


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George Bakrnchev BBSc. FCM.
George is the creator and Founder of the highly regarded Grow Business Grow Boardroom Program and is a multiple bestselling author. He has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science Degree with a double major in human applied psychology. He has dedicated his life to helping business owners live a bigger, better life. He’s been featured on Channel 7, The Australian and the ABC.